In the meantime, watch this short video from ABAP Academy CEO Ladislav:

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You don't need to have read the eBook to claim this special surprise.

In fact, our results show

the eBook + what you're going to find below

work best when used together.

Whilst the Roadmap to ABAP eBook

is personalized...

Nothing can beat direct human interaction when it comes to

growing your career with SAP/ABAP programming.

And that's why I've made my best Career Building Experts available for a

FREE 1 on 1 Strategy Call with you.

Nothing can beat direct human interaction when it comes to growing your career with SAP/ABAP programming.

And that's why I've made my best Career Building Experts available for a FREE 1 on 1 Strategy Call with you.

All you have to do is claim your 1-hour spot below:

It's only available for new ABAP Academy members just like you...

and it doesn't cost a cent.

Dear friend, if...

  • You're still not sure if SAP/ABAP is for you
    Does it make sense for your specific situation? Especially in these difficult times...
  • You're struggling at your daily work
    Can ABAP help you become more proficient at your daily work?
  • You're sick of communicating with developers
    And want to become independent.
  • You're not sure where to start
    and wondering what you actually need to learn and what not to get that well-paid job
  • You're tired of endless travel
    And want a calmer environment to work in.
  • You're not sure if you are living up to your full potential
    Would you like to become a more valuable member of your team or a bigger player on the market?
  • You're wondering what your next career steps should be
    What smaller steps do you need to take to reach your specific goal?

Then our FREE Strategy Call is for you.

As you can guess...

generic answers will only help you so much.

On the opposite...

The vast majority of my students who came to me

1) were looking for a specific solution for their needs and

2) needed a strategy that takes into account their strengths as well as weaknesses...


I decided to start providing our new members 1-on-1 Strategy Calls

on which an ABAP Academy Career Growth Expert will:

  • Uncover your best opportunities
    for growing your career with SAP/ABAP
  • Help you move in the right direction
    in order to avoid wasting your effort, time and money
  • Identify what you should be focusing on right now and in the future
    based on your goals and opportunities
  • Show you what it would look like having our team help you reach your goals
    to minimize failure and boost your progress

And that's when we started seeing the biggest impact on our students careers

If you want to experience the same impact, claim your 1 hour spot below before it's gone:

Our goal is for you to experience the best 60 minutes at your work this week...

... and to walk out with an actionable strategy

that will become your unfair advantage

and help you move towards your career goal in the fastest way possible.

Same as it did for hundreds of our students:

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

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So what exactly will you get

from this FREE Strategy Call?

Your Complete Strategy

Based on your background, goals and skills, we will outline a custom strategy for reaching your SAP/ABAP goals.

This will contain what you should focus on and when on a neat timeline.

You will get this as a PDF brochure after the call so you can get back to it at any time.

[Mini Course]

We believe it's practice what differentiates winners from losers in SAP/ABAP world.

That's why we've prepared a special mini course and few other materials to get you started on your SAP/ABAP journey right away.

Oh and don't worry about the tools... we've got you covered!

Development Environment

... and how would you better get a hands-on practice than with a dedicated hassle-free



You will get access to it right after the call for FREE.

Learning Methodology

Do you know how an adult human brain can gain coding skills in the most effective way?

Our unique learning methodology has already helped dozens of non IT guys like taxi driver, lawyer or even artist gain SAP/ABAP skills.

... and we will share our insights with you during the call!

Personal 1-on-1 Approach

We strongly believe in personal approach even in this highly automated digital world. According to our students, that's what makes all the difference.

So instead of some generic answers and bots, we are offering you a real human. A skilled career growth expert to be precise... to guide you towards to your SAP/ABAP goals.

Sounds good?

Interview Process Hacking

Having an extensive experience in hiring SAP/ABAP candidates, our CEO Ladislav shares his insights in this exclusive training.

After the call, you will get early access to this training that will help you nail that next SAP/ABAP interview.

Sounds too good?

The only catch is that these calls are on first-come first-served basis,

so be sure to claim your 1 hour spot NOW.

Don't wait until you read the ebook, it may be too late by then ;)

Even if you decide you don’t need any help from us beyond the free strategy call...

You’ll still walk away with a personalized set of actionable ideas for your next steps boosting your career progress.

So claim it before it's gone...

You have nothing to lose, just gain ;)