Only 2 FREE spots left.
Only 2 FREE spots left.


Career Building Strategy Call

On this call,

an ABAPACADEMY Career Growth Expert will:

  • Uncover your best opportunities
    for growing your career with ABAP
  • Help you move in the right direction
    in order to avoid wasting your effort, time and money
  • Identify what you should be focusing on right now and in the future
    based on your goals and opportunities
  • Show you what it would look like having our team help you reach your goals
    to minimize failure and boost your progress

And much more!

Our goal is for you to experience the best 60 minutes at your work this week...

... and to walk out with an actionable strategy

that will help you move towards your career goal in the fastest way possible.

And the best thing?

It doesn't cost a cent.

Claim your FREE Career Building Strategy Call NOW:

If you're asking...

  • How much practice do I need to become job ready?
  • How to gain that experience companies are looking for even before my first coding job?
  • Should I mainly focus on coding or soft skills in order to get a well paid job?
  • How do I know that Iknow enough and that I'm ready to move on
    from reports to enhancements... from BADIs to BAPIs to object oriented programming... or even to apply for a job?

... then the FREE Strategy Call is FOR YOU!