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How to Select Data from Database Table when Searching on Non Key Fields

Sometimes you need to search on data from database table, which are not defined as key fields. In such case, selecting would not be optimal and select may take too much time. Example Lets say we want to use following SELECT on non key fields NAME_LAST, NAME_FIRST and NAME_WHOLE: SELECT *       FROM zaa_bd_wpo_vol       INTO table lt_wpo_vol       FOR ALL ENTRIES IN lt_name_search       WHERE ( name_last = lt_name_search-last         AND name_first  = lt_name_search-first )...

How to import table content in SAP

Step-by-step guidance on how to import table content in SAP into a TOC (Transport of copies) Go to transport organizer SE09 Select: transport of copies modifiable Double click on your transport request Inside of your request, you have to find a table object. In order to import table content, your table object must have two types: TABL...

How to import a transport request with the number which already exists?

We need to import a transport request created in an isolated test system into another isolated teaching system. Usually, this can be done by copying the cofile and datafile of the transport into the transport directory and adding the request to the import queue. But, this transport was created under a number which already exists in our...

Index is not Used in SELECT

If you realize that index is not used in select, you need to force database to use it. For this, you need to use database hints in your code.  Hints depend on database server. In the following example, here is how to force database to use index when using SAP Trial system (with MaxDB): SELECT *       FROM zaa_bd_wpo_vol...

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